Sex Ed

Well, one of my boys posted on twitter that for sex, anything longer than 10 minutes is not for pleasure and is just for exercise. Of course there was a round a disagreements…to which he responded:

Why do women say men are too quick when doing the deed? Have you ever considered that you are too slow?

Ladies, I’m going to leave this to you…what is your answer? Post below…and yes, I’m taking this question to the streets.



2 thoughts on “Sex Ed

  1. Are we talking from start to finish 10 minutes or the actual penetration? It really depends on my mood. If we are both in heat the faster we get to it the faster our thirst is quenched. However, I too have had my "Is it over yet?" moments. In retrospect thinking that is blasphemous because now I'm single I have nothing.

  2. He's saying from start to finish…I explained that sex should vary…quickies, half hour sessions, hours, all day/afternoon/night. Yes, he's happily married with two kids…So is it (still) true that sex goes after marriage? Just read 5 pages of your blog…LOVE! And it's not blasphemey darling, we can't hang on to the "George Clooneys". For proof, check:

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