Sex Ed – Part 2

Well, the conversation about the deed somehow got sidetracked with a conversation about odour…Yes, the guys were having a vagasil moment…

I admit, I set it off with my response: (bold=me, italics=twitter folk)
*arched brow* short answer: no. When’s the last time U smelled a nutsack? Doesn’t smell like febreze y’know.

“dont worry, I fully acknowledge male hygiene should be up 2 par. If u ever get close 2 my region it gon smell like mango”

Me: LMFAO – heard that before… handed him a bottle of febreze

“wowzers! That’s cold.”

“Vaginas are not always fresh either!”

Well I don’t know about ur pussy (name omitted), but do not lump my shit in that generalization.

And for the love of God, let’s call it by it’s anatomically correct name…..VA-JAY-JAY.

Let us refer call it the lower region.

I see what you’re saying. The stuff has to be fresh on both ends. Agreed!

and their shit IS NOT always minty fresh, especially when eating stinky foods…you get stinky stuff

so I cracked a joke about “funky junk” or “funky spunk”…

EXACTLY! Guys, it’s commonly referred to as “funky junk” or “funky spunk”…just so you know…if you hear that she’s not talking about rhythm…

NOPE, not rhythm…at ALL…in my experience, the sweeter the fruit, the sweeter the juice…no dairy, meat, beer…yeccch! ) I ain’t going down like or on that!

WARNING: I’m not going to regularly post SATC clips on this blog – guys I want you to keep reading – but this was apropos for the convo…

follow us on twitter for more random convos like this and ladies: webcam me your response to this question: what do you do when the guys junk is funky?

UPDATE – my email has been compromised, so post a video response to YouTube and send me the link…sorry!


4 thoughts on “Sex Ed – Part 2

  1. Yes mariela high expectations does lead to dissapointment…I once had a dude tell me that a girl of his told him that "it tasted like milk" after doing the deed…as for me I've always been curious so I sometimes ask and the response I usually get is that "there's no taste just warm as hell" lol…I think women who swallow do it more for the pleasure of their partner or for the eroticness of that action as it turns them on…I don't think I've met anyone who actually likes tasting just for the sake of tasting it.

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