her lil black book Presents… the 3 a.m. Girl

If you follow us on Twitter, you know of my tales of the 3 a.m. girls. It started out as a bit of joke, resulting from our nights out a clubs watching guys fail at the art of the pick up.

Guy trying to pick up a girl on our left, and drunk out of her mind girl to our right…

We started calling them the 3 a.m. Girls. Paris and Lindsay are their patron saints…their libation of choice is whatever they can afford or is purchased for them and they seem to develop an aversion to shoes somewhere around the 3 a.m. hour.

So now, the 3 a.m. Girl is on Twitter – follow her and her friends each weekend.

Is it malicious? Meh, a little. But really it’s no more embarrassing than your friends posting pics of you bleary eyed, with vomit in your hair on Facebook the next day. And we will always keep the identities of the 3 a.m. Girls anonymous. If you spot a 3 a.m. Girl when you’re out – send a tweet to @3amgirls and hashtag it as well…let’s see where this goes.


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