The Girl/Guy Quiz

What I love about HLBB is that we get to discuss and discover the stuff that is usually said behind closed doors, over drinks or at a girls night out…

Guys, my girl darlingnicky999 has started a weekly poll (so if you’re not following her, you should) where she posts 10 questions starting at noon EST and posts the results between 8 and 9 pm EST.

Mark your calendars: every WEDNESDAY, she asks the guys 10 questions about women and every THURSDAY she asks women for their honest opinions about men/relatioships/sex.

This week’s questions and answers (Women about Men) are…drum roll please…!

Who would you go to first with big juicy news? Your Best Friend or your Boyfriend?
95% of you would tell your BEST FRIEND juicy news before telling your boyfriend/husband. (BFF could be male, that’s alright).

What are you more self conscious about? Acne or Stretch Marks?
90% of you women are more self-conscious about acne than stretch marks.

Do you lie about your sexual past? Partners, etc? If so, how much?
Regarding lying abt yr sexual history….it was all ovr the place. sum used 2 & dont anymore. sum still do. sum nevr did.

Underwear – boxers, briefs or boxer/briefs?
Regarding Men’s undergarments——Boxer-briefs got just under 2/3 of the vote. Followed by boxers. Lastly briefs.

Do you watch porn?
With regards to whether the LADIES watch porn…..kudos to those who told the truth…about 1/2 of you said YES straight up. Some of you said YES, but don’t enjoy it, and a few said no, not at all.

Perfect first date? Expensive dinner? Dinner and a movie? Coffee and dessert? (he’s paying)
65% of you said that a movie/dinner is the ideal date, and most of you would offer to pay for part. Coffee shop took the rest.Nobody cared for the expensive fine dining. (Good news for your wallets fellas).

Wise words from Nicky – My take. The greatest loves of my life have been founded on rich minds, rich chemistry, and rich in humour. I’m a coffee shop girl.

Would you give ORAL if you knew it wasn’t going to be given?
With regards to giving ORAL, with no receiving of it…90% of ladies said they WOULD ABSOLUTELY still give!!!!!!! Bear in mind that several ladies said that this couldn’t be a permanent situation, but they wouldn’t withhold. (very evolved,impressed)

Would you date a guy who couldn’t dance…like NO rhythm?
50% of you said you WOULD date a guy with no dance skills. 50% of you said HELL no. (wow……presshah)

Wise words from You don’t need to be a Jabbawockee, but you need to bring something to the dance floor. Especially if we takin’ a wine.

Would you date a guy who had bad credit or had declared bankruptcy?
Regarding guys with bad credit. a few NO’s. Most said that the credit issues need to be addressed before marriage. some said NP.

Would you marry a guy that your parents HATED?
75% of you WOULD marry a guy your parents hated. The rest obviously chose to side with the parentals.


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