Remember this album? This video?

For me, this album is nearly almost half a lifetime ago…but I have a specficic memory tied to just about every song…

That’s the Way Love Goes – a classic….’nuff said

You Want This I dressed like this for school…

(in fact I can tie this song to a specific person right now…)

(I don’t know how 2 16 year old girls got to drive around all summer in short shorts, blaring this song out of a convertible sports car…but we did…and we LOVED the looks on the boys faces)

What’ll I Do
– I love it when Janet goes all rock (think Black Cat)…this was my shower song.

Again this song has a specific person attached to it …always

Where Are You Now
(I still wonder where this person is sometimes…I’ll admit it)

Any Time, Any Place – now “IF” is my track (it even makes me think of someone current, hee hee…but this would be a close second)

And as the last track says lovelies…”Sweet Dreams”


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