True Story

Well I went to a party last night at the ex’s house.

The party was okay but there was one thing that really really bothered me. A guy walks in with two girls, he makes the rounds and introduces himself to me and my friend.

“Hi, my name’s Derek.” – shakes our hands and gets our names.

Then it’s the girls turn, she says “hi, I’m Derek’s girlfriend”.

Hello, what the fuck?

The second girl introduced herself by name and off they went to sit beside us.

You don’t have a name? Sweetie really, you don’t have a freakin’ name?!?

He was not famous (not that this is an excuse), they didn’t host the party; they had just arrived so it’s not like they had been introducing themselves for hours. So seriously… you so lack an identity that you don’t have a name?

No, it wasn’t so loud that she would’ve thought that he said her name…she clearly heard him introduce himself and this is still bothering me a day later.

Le sigh.

I told this story to a guy and said “what? Was she a girlfriend for hire?” His answer: “I think you nailed it Sherlock”

OMFG…I don’t think she was hired for the evening (not with those clothes, sorry), but this is the impression that she left? Wow.


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