Excerpt from one of my chats…

excerpt from a chat with my boy Sam:

Sam says:
so my friend says to me

“Sam, did you know they have HD porn on the web now?”

and I said,

“Dude, they have everything on the internet”

he says,

“no, Sam, listen. HD porn. Ok? Honestly, if they just made computers a little softer, I could finally break up with my girlfriend”

Herlilblackbook says:
okay, that just killed me…LMFAO

Sam says:
I thought it was pretty funny

Herlilblackbook says:
I had to put my head down on my desk and laugh for a bit before replying

Sam says:
Same dude who told me, “Sam – the all access HD adult channel on Rogers is like being hugged by porn”

Herlilblackbook says:
what’s his girlfriend NOT doing?

Sam says:

he likes porn!

Herlilblackbook says:
that he needs to hug his appliances so much

Sam says:
he loves his gf cause she makes home made porn with him

Sam says:
no joke

Herlilblackbook says:
when you contemplate replacing a human with a device…

Herlilblackbook says:
OH and she’s game for porn?? lucky man

Sam says:
She’s a nice girl

Herlilblackbook says:
nice girls do homemade porn…everyone knows this

right? doesn’t everyone know this?


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