revisions to site, twitter feed, location shooting

Whoo hoo…

In the lab for a bit and came out (semi) victorious… I’m not a web designer, not a graphic designer, nothing, so I’m pleased with how the site has turned out (and I did it all by m’self!)

I now know things like favicons, in-line frames and embedding… feeling geeked out now. Dunno if you’re reading this via the site or stumbled upon us via blogger feeds, but hi there… how are ya?

There was some thought that we would have a facebook page, but that seems very last year, and I hate the Fbook layout. So, since we only need to ask questions and get answers – I set up a twitter account. Oh! Someone told me that I could add a twitter feed to blogger…but I’ve had enough tech talk for the past few weeks.

A friend of a friend of a friend has secured a couple of locations for us to shoot future segments, yaay! Won’t be subjected to doing streeters in the freezing cold anymore… check back often we start shooting in May.

Today’s question: “why is it when women go out they travel in packs of 3s”

Anyone? Answers? Let me know


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