hello out there…

Have you ever been at party where a bunch of people start debating relationships? It’s a loud, honest and funny conversation and you’re loving it?Would you do that on a regular basis?We are looking for 1 brave man and 4 fearless women to get on camera…

Whoa… don’t let the mind go there! It’s not freaky like that!

Like we were saying…we’re looking for 1 guy, 4 women to take that debate and make it viral. There’s no money involved and your commitment would be about 3 hours a month. Just to sit on camera and talk,

You must be:
WELL spoken
Be willing to be honest
Not afraid of being on camera

If you’re interested, then you must do this:
Send a recent picture of yourself along with an answer to this question:If you’re a guy: what would be the one question you would ask a room full of women, about women without fear of being smacked?

If you’re a girl: finish this thought: the reason men don’t understand women is because:For more or to join the fun send emails to



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